”Nature is not beautiful”

is a text-based improvised concert. Texts by musician and lyricist Siri Gjære inspires and guides the musicians and creates a dramaturgical framework for the concert performance. Visual artist Anne Helga has made a clock that guides us through the 60 minutes…..

Scenografi BOL: Nature is not beautiful

BOL digs in the earth
BOL takes a deep breath of marsh air, exhaust, spring rain, the polar night
BOL bites the grass, tastes the muddy water, cig buttes and the salt

BOL is noisy

BOL brings you along
BOL has a plan

BOL is a machinery: Tone sings, talks and make sounds, Ståle operates synths, Tor drums, Siri satellites in orbit around the earth and sees it all/and writes it down.

Skylab Audiovision

Our audiovisual project Skylab Audiovision was performed for the first time at Trondheim Matchmaking 17/10 -08. This is a realization of an idea BOL has had for some time, wanting to expand the music with the visual dimension, using light, video and objects, and improvising with all these elements. Sivert Lundstrøm made the light design and objects, and Pekka Stokke the video and programming. The project was performed in Trondheim, Oslo and Stavanger 15-18 sept.

The project has been supported by Norsk Kulturråd, Fond for Lyd og Bilde, Fond for Utøvende Kunstnere og Trondheim Kommune.

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