Bol&SNah “So? Now?” :

„So? Now?“ ist ein aufregendes Album aus der Ecke des modernen Artrock-Prog geworden, welches mit rockiger Aggressivität wie nordischer Melancholie geschickt spielt. Eigenständig, herausfordernd, umschmeichelnd, prickelnd, alles zugleich, tolles Ding. Review in Babyblaue-Prog

What can I say about this album? Wow!” – Wonderful review in Livemusiclombaridia !

...the resulting from this community mixture of post-rock , hard rock and jazz elements still works wonderfully!

Five stars in Nordische Music !

A powerful meeting… “Intricate and open pop inspired by Joni Mitchell,spoken word ,”Sonic Youth – like” art-rock with an edge, and volcanic prog….” Vegard Enlid , Adressa ! (5/6)

” …. both rockers and jazz people with open senses will have plenty of reasons to enjoy
” So? What? ” . ”  Tor Hammerø

” You should give up any kind of  resistance , because So ? What? is a powerful delight for the ear and should be obligatory for anyone who likes music. This is Genre-crushing at its most beautiful . This is a classic for those who seek the irresistible . ” Tor Stemland, Musikk fra Norge

From Circus Druso Club, Bergamo nov . 14 (in Italian)

” …Bol&Snah is a muiscal Frankenstein…..” Sound Magazine , Italy nov. 2013

“Numb,number” 2012

“Numb, Number” is pretty much unclassifiable, its many strands and the personnel that deliver them making it a challenging offering. That it all actually works extremely well and makes absolute sense from start to finish is perhaps not quite such a surprise considering the respective pedigree of each of the musicians involved, but if this record is by all means the direct result of these forces working together, that result is ultimately much greater than the sum of its parts.”

The Milk Factory (UK), 2012

“….a melting pot of untimely sound worlds, poetic texts and fearless, improvising character.”All about jazz (US), 2012

 “Separately and together we´re dealing with some of Norway´s furthermost creative and searching musicians – musicians that couldn´t care less about genres and labels. That´s probably why most of the music they make turns out unique, exiting and cool.”

March 03/2012 by Side 2 (NO).

A solid sequel (…) although your expectations after listening to the Album are high, it is an experience in itself to see and hear an electronic trio mastering the subtle art of playing together like this.
Roald Helgheim, Dagsavisen

The Span in their Universe of Electronica is delightfully extensive, from the obsessive to the nearby transparent fragile.
Svein Andersen, Aftenposten Oslopuls

Bol will probably be placed in the category of Jazz, although rockers and others with an open mind become to find pleasure in this excursion in Music. With “Silver Sun” Bol simply has given us some of the most exciting Music there is in a loooong, loooong time.

Tor Hammerø, Nettpuls

“This jazz-poptronica trio from Trondheim have made a masterpiece with their second CD, a formula-defying journey up a river of humanity where heartbroken souls line the shore. 47 minutes of incandescent musical brilliance.”

Kevin Renick, ItԳ a trap /playback stl

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  2. […] BOL&SNAH is a cooperation between impro- trio BOL and Hans Magnus “Snah” Ryan, guitarist known for his outstanding work with among others the band Motorpsycho. The cooperation started as a project in 2010 ( At that time together with guitarist Stian Westerhus, the quintet released the cd “Numb, Number in 2012). The quartet has become a more permanent constellation, which released the album “So? Now?” november 2015- The album was re-released for distribution in Germany and Italy october 2016. ( Reviews on the BOL website) […]

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